Kauffman Foundation Mayor’s Dashboard

Kauffman Foundation Mayor’s Dashboard

Growing Communities Through Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs are the makers, dreamers, and doers that drive our economy forward. In order to succeed, they need communities that support them and invest in their growth.

Once again, the Kauffman Foundation is partnering with the National League of Cities to help Mayors commit to an initiative to pursue in order to build and maintain inclusive and equitable entrepreneurship in their community.

The 2020 Mayors Entrepreneurship dashboard is your tool for advancing initiatives in your city and growing a sustainable community for everyone. Entrepreneurship is vital for the health of local economies, and the context of the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for resilience and inclusion across our work. This year, we’re proud to provide mayors with dashboards designed to empower all communities with information to support equity, inclusion, and shared stories of entrepreneurship.

Mayor’s Dashboards

In previous years, mayors attending the Mayors’ Conference on Entrepreneurship received a single dashboard tailored to their community, including baseline indicators for local entrepreneurship and innovation. mySidewalk Press takes everything a step further, empowering Mayors, staff, technical support, stakeholders, or anyone else with access to this site to receive a Dashboard on-demand, any time, and for any community in the nation.

This year’s Dashboards, including over 80 indicators from 15 sources, has the data mayors and their associates need to address the economic recovery from COVID-19, while building sustainable, equitable communities through entrepreneurship. The dashboards are organized into six sections: Building Entrepreneurship, Vulnerable Populations, Innovation Drivers, Diversity and Inclusion, and Work and the Home.

Ready to get started? Follow the directions below to access your dashboard.

If you are interested in learning more about mySidewalk or the data in your dashboard, connect with a member of the mySidewalk team.